Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday, June 01, 2014

JUNE is going to be AWESOME!

As of June 1st, I have issued out my very first newsletter! I am very thankful to my personal assistant, Echo Reed, for making it happen, but more importantly, I am thankful to all of you who signed up. I want to give you all the opportunity to get to know me better personally. I love you all more than you know, so it's important that you see how much I appreciate you! If you haven't signed up, it's not too late! On the right, you will see a sign up form for my newsletter (don't worry, I won't harass you with emails every week!). You can catch the first newsletter here:
Why is June going to be awesome? I shall tell you! On the first day of June (as I'm writing this), I have officially confirmed my book manager! How awesome is that?!?! I was having so much trouble finding one I liked and wanted to work with. The idea of handing my work over to someone else is extremely daunting, so it took me a while. My month started with GREAT news, and I know it will end with even better!

Stay tuned, Pussy Cats!