Thursday, March 6, 2014

That's a Lie Release Date!

That's a Lie will be released March 25, 2014!!!!

Is anyone else as excited as I am????

Writing this book was much different than writing book one. I felt more confident in my writing, and I definitely was more comfortable. I am very very happy with the finished product, and I with every extra word I type in book three, I can feel my writing getting better.

That's a Promise was more of an angst filled book that was meant to tug at a lot of emotions and set the groundwork for the whole story. It gave you a past and it gave you a present situation. I left the story in a sort of cliffhanger, but I don't apologize for it! :) It was meant to hurt your heart, because life isn't easy.

That's a Lie is much different. There is some angst, don't get me wrong, but that was not my point in the story. That's a Lie is about overcoming grief and guilt, and it's especially meant to make you smile. I smiled a lot when I wrote this, and I really hope when you read it that you smile, too!

In addition to the happiness I felt when I wrote That's a Lie, I also felt a lot more emotions for different reasons. There is one scene in it that is so intensely passionate, it took me DAYS to move on from it. I kept rereading it over and over again! Also, there is another scene that really made me cry. I mean, my heart shattered when I wrote it. I'm not positive anyone else will cry but, it was so emotional to me.

Anyway, I'm rambling.... I hope that you all love it, and I cannot wait for you to read it!

MARCH 25 2014!!!!


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